Refuge and Support

There is a key aspect in grace and love that creates an expectation that a person is safe in the hands of another.  When God extends grace to us, that gift brings with it a promise that we are safe in holy hands regardless of our many issues or brokenness.  We strive to create that same sense of grace within our community of faith.

Whether through how we care for one another, the recovery groups that meet in our church, or our support of local recovery shelters, we hope to support and those moments of vulnerability in which God's presence can do powerful works of healing.

There is a reality in even the best of relationships that we don't always get the safety and security of grace quite right, but it does not stop our pursuit.  As we have received grace, so we seek to offer it to those we encounter along the journey.

There are a few 12-step groups that meet in our church. 

Narcotics Anonymous has meetings every Tuesday night at 8pm.

Alcoholics Anonymous has meetings on Tuesday nights at 6:00pm and Wednesday nights at 8:00pm. 

Our church also hosts Girl Scouts, COAD, and HARCATUS / Head Start  meetings.